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Join us!

If you are interested in joining the choir then please get in touch.

To arrange a trial session please contact

We meet every Tuesday evening (term-time only) from 5:45pm-7:25pm (juniors to 7:00pm, seniors to 7:25pm) at Stantonbury Campus, Milton Keynes, MK14 6BN. 

Once they reach Year 10, singers are invited to join our senior group (the MK Youth Chorale), where they can learn more challenging arrangements and perform in small groups or as soloists.

Free trial session

The usual process is as follows:

  1. Come along for a FREE trial rehearsal to see if you think you would enjoy being a member. During the break in this rehearsal, Craig will listen to your voice and make sure that you are placed in the right section of the choir.

  2. Assuming you enjoy this session come to 3 to 5 more sessions (also free of charge) to establish that you are happy to join and that we think you will be able to cope with the music.

  3. Join the choir! At this point you will need to pay subs (currently £32.50 per half term for juniors and £36.50 per half term for seniors – if there are problems with this please discuss with the Chair, as no-one should be prevented from joining by financial constraints) and complete the membership paperwork.

Rehearsal schedule

The timetable for a typical rehearsal is as follows:

  • Be in place and ready to warm up and sing by 5:45pm.

  • Full choir rehearsal until 6:40pm

  • Break for drink and biscuit until 6:50pm

  • Full choir run through of what has been rehearsed (parents are invited to come and listen at this point).

  • At 7:00pm the younger members leave and the Senior Choir rehearses until 7:25pm.

  • We try to be out of the building by 7:30pm as the Community Choir rehearsal starts at 7:45pm.

MK Youth Chorale (Seniors) singing around Craig at the piano
Singing for commuters
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